Open Space Program

Welcome to the home of the tiny, gree... err, well. We're not sure exactly who's piloting that Rocket on the left yet, but keep checking back for news and updates on the OSP project.

It's early days here at OSP. You can find what we're up to on this site and at the links above. Stay tuned for updates as things progress.

Update #4: Decouplers Away!
Jul 1, 2017
Developer Notes Game Engine

We've now got a handful of basic models for testing with! They've helped us flesh out the start of the VAB mechanics and launching vessels.

We're now dynamically creating a list of parts from an assets folder, seen to the right here.

Parts currently consists of an .obj mesh file, a .png texture and a part.cfg text file. Parts are still early days and we're busy building up the possible parameters of the cfg file; documentation is coming soon.

There's been successful tests of decouplers and their logic too!

Update #3
Jun 27, 2017
Developer Notes Game Engine

The last couple of weeks have been full of experiments. We've been testing out ideas in Unity, Ogre and Godot and exploring the capabilities of the various engines.

The Discord server is buzzing with activity and our GitHub has a few commits! Check out the screenshots below of what we've been working on.